Water Ice?

Ok, so it may taste delicious but the name is just stupid! I am curious to see what TN folks call it but in Philly/Delaware area they called it water ice. My question has always been "what other kind of ice is there?"
There has been another term I just can't stand here in the south...ink pen! I asked a bunch of ladies here at a school function one time what an ink pen was compared to just a pen I was politely told it could be a cage for an animal. Now I can buy that since we have farms around us.
But water ice? Still not buyin' it!
But I might take the kids to the new store for what I call "Italian ice". Come and visit for yourself you will be sure to enjoy this northern delicacy I promise.


  1. According to my friend, they like to simply call it "happiness"! :) That just sounds all warm and fuzzy to me, and I am not a warm and fuzzy person, so I don't like it! Ice is much less friendly sounding!

    Whatever you call it, I am sure they appreciate the plug!

    Talk to you later!

  2. Andrea1/22/2009

    We have "water ice" here in Jersey too!! I will have to research why it would be called that....

  3. It is because people are generally retarded. ROFLMAO It is funny how the company doesn't even call it that!

  4. I've always called it Italian Ice honestly....Yummy!

  5. Being from Delaware, it's water ice for me. Whatever you call it, it's delicious!!! We are addicted to Rita's here. I think we go at least 3 or 4 times a week. You HAVE to try Fudge Brownie, it's the best. And Mistos are awesome, too!!!