Project 365 - Week two

From Project 365

Day 8: Jeffrey playing with Rescue Heros. My big score of toys at the Goodwill store a few years ago.
Day 9:Monday we started off the week with a trip to the new supermarket, Earth Fare. It was freaking awesome! Of course the kids made me nuts and I couldn’t finish the shopping.
Day 10: Jeffrey played Star Wars on PS2 by himself all afternoon while Alex was at Gracie’s house.
Day 11: Game night with the family. We played Bingo and a game of Disney Monopoly.
Alex cleaned up in Monopoly. Jeffrey loved Bingo, Dad won that game. We hope to do this once a week from now on.
Day 12: My contribution to the Ashely Academy benefit auction, invitations. Round 1.
Day 13: Tony (at 1am) feeling very proud that he didn’t crush some dumb*ss redneck at the bar. He is finally growing up!
Day 14: Putting Christmas away!

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  1. I can't see your photo. :( I'm guess by your post that I saw it over at SBO though?

  2. Thanks Nicole, I fixed it.