Project 365 - Week One

From Project 365

Day 1: On my first day of this project I got my hair cut. I think it turned out great, however
I never keep up the cut. Maybe this year I will.
Day 2 the boys dressed in their Rutgers gear to watch the bowl game. They did win the game.
Day 3 We took grandma and grandpa to Fun Expedition for some games and batting cages.
Day 4: The boys, grandpa, grandma and I went to Bristol Speedway in Lights. They all
enjoyed it.
Day 5: Dad watched lots of football this week.
Day 6: My very messy desk that I need to clean so I can scrap!
Day 7: After the Guazzos left I put up these shelves to house
our winter coats and shoes. It is right inside the garage.

This should be a very fun project to complete. I WILL FINISH IT!


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  1. Fun pics!! I love the way you have them laid out!

  2. Love the design of this page, Janice! Looks great!!