Guess who we found today?

I felt like the news reporter in the movie Cars when they found lightening McQueen in Radiator "Stinks"! Flash bulbs, screaming and jumping for joy, it was crazy! Big hugs to Alexander who was initially searching for R2D2 (the Clone Wars version) so he could entice the real R2 out of Jeffrey's hands he found Ryan Newman buried in the bottom of the box I HAVE SEARCHED IN SEVERAL TIMES!
This makes me wonder...I think I need to call CSI for this one. My sister (and Collin) were just visiting and stayed in Jeff's room. Do you think maybe she planted it? Just to torture me for 3 months? It could happen! Well however he came back to us we are thrilled to have him back.


  1. Awww!!! Glad it was found! :)

  2. So glad he has been found...YAY!